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Claiming Post / Claims

Welcome to au_developments! Please choose the form that best fits your AU, and comment with it here. When approved, your claim will be added and a tag will be made for you. If you are one of multiple authors for an AU, only 2 authors may have the same claim at the same time.

For AUs Without Original Characters
(generally, AUs set in an established fandom or fandoms in which there are no created characters)

For AUs With Original Characters
(if you created any major characters for your AU, this is the form you would use)

For Original AUs
(nothing canon...it's all yours, but it's related to a fandom or another AU)


AUs Without OCs
iluvroadrunner6 - CSI: NY/Supernatural - Family Ties - Tag: family ties
storydivagirl - Supernatural/Charmed - Whitelighter Verse - Tag: whitelighter verse
afteriwake - Bleach - Lingering Winter - Tag: lingering winter
vodooman - Roswell/Supernatural - Car Kidnapping - Tag: car kidnapping verse
schilling_klaus - Various Nickelodeon shows/movies - Briarwood Prep - Tag: briarwood prep

AUs With OCs
darkmagic_luvr - CSI: NY - Virtigo - 7 OCs - mostly rated T through M - Tag: virtigo
darkmagic_luvr - Supernatural - Pendulum - 5 OCs - Tag: pendulum
darkmagic_luvr - Battlestar Galactica - Battlestar Andromeda - All OCs - Tag: battlestar andromeda
thiscanbegin - CSI: Miami - Life In Cartoon Motion - 6 OCs - Tag: life in cartoon motion
moekat - Smallville - Defying Gravity - 2 OCs - Tag: defying gravity
buffy_a_s - Buffyverse - Never Normal - 2 OCs - Tag: never normal

Original AUs
doctorfumbles & thiscanbegin - Based on CSIverse - CSI: NO - Tag: csi: no
Tags: * admin

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